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The Write Angle

For ages, I’ve wanted to go to a an event run by Ian Maxtone of The Write Angle. Last week, I did, and it was brilliant. Heroes, in Cafe Roxy in Falkirk, was the latest of their spoken word and music nights. It was a pleasure to read alongside other wonderful writers.

The Write Angle has the ablity to connect writers across Forth Valley. Due to this, there was a huge range of people there. Many of the folks who read are used to sharing their work out loud, while others were speaking for the first time. There was music, and there were laughs, and there was a warm fuzzy feeling in the room. Ian’s compering, in additon to his behind the scenes organising, was funny, encouraging, uplifting and downright groovy.There was even a raffle. How many places can you hear wonderful writing, and excellent music and win some Mr Sheen?

The Write Angle gave the readers a wonderful attentive and appreciative audience. Most importantly, everyone had a good time with great music and brililant writing. Thanks Ian.

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