New places to buy and borrow ‘Good Morning’

I’ve broken into England!! Good Morning is now stocked in the excellent Berrydin Books in Berwick. The shop sells second hand books, books (like mine) from independent publishers and art work. Roderick, who runs the shop, is an artist living in Northumberland and a lovely fella.

You can also get Good Morning in Haddington. Simon runs Kesley’s Bookshop. The place is great, with a magic wee coffee shop and some great poetry books for sale.

And … if that wasn’t enough … the brilliant wee diner The Blue Chair at the bottom of Glasgow’s High Street has a copy of Good Morning for customers to leaf through. In fact, you might find several other cafes about the country with copies of the book that you can read while eating your coffee and pancakes. By the way, Lorelle’s pancakes in The Blue Chair are the total berries!!

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