Tannery Hoose Windae #7: Nina Williams (née Macpherson)

After a break since Tannery Hoose Windae #6, we are back with an awesome tribute from Fiona Macpherson to her aunt, Nina Williams (née Macpherson).

Nina was born on 15 November 1921 in the Tannaree (which is what Fiona and many other people call the Tannery Hoose). Nina was the eldest of six Macpherson children and is the sole survivor. The family lived there until 1950 when Fiona’s grandparents moved to the Main Street.

Fiona took this beautiful photo of Nina in the Tannery Hoose windae.

Fiona says:

Nina is now in a care home in Clackmannanshire and will be celebrating with close family…  I know many folk in the village remember her very well as Brown Owl, in the shop and in drama productions.

What a lovely tribute this is from Fiona. It’s great for someone like me, who’s only lived in Thornhill since 1991, to hear about Nina, who certainly made a great contribution to Thornhill and to her neighbours’ and friends’ lives.
Fiona might have caused a wee stir – here’s a final word from her:
A few folk drove past as I was hacking away at the brambles and must have wondered what on earth I was up to! Well, they ken noo!
I’m so pleased that Fiona took the initiative to join in the Tannery Hoose Windae project – so let’s see who’s next! Find out how to take part by following this link.