Charlie Gracie & Martin Stephenson and the Daintees

In a kind of  reprise of a support act from decades ago, Charlie had a walk-on part at Martin Stephenson and the Daintees gig at the Woodend in Anniesland just before Christmas. Not quite a reprise, but Martin tells me that he supported Charlie Gracie, the Philadelphia rockabilly star of the 1950’s when he was a laddie. What goes around very nearly not quite comes around …

Charlie read Marathon after an impromptu invitation to join the band on stage.

It was a great gig all round. Another of Alan Hendry’s Sounds in the Suburbs events; this one had Helen McCookerybook and then the Starlets supporting Martin Stephenson and the Daintees. (Learn more about Sounds in the Suburbs by adding yourself to his mailing list: [])

New perfomance with the Red Ensemble: 14 September 2011, Glasgow City Halls

Charlie will perform live with the Red Ensemble on Wednesday 14 September in the City Halls in Glasgow.

They will perform new music, including a specially devised multi-media work, Then I was really tiny, based on a story told by a 3 year old boy to his father.

Using sound, images, dance, music and poetry, the ensemble and Charlie will give a surreal interpretation of the child’s story, revealing their response to entrapment, fear and liberation.

The Red Ensemble, Ghazi Hussein and Charlie Gracie

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Look out for this music and poetry show at the Glasgow City Halls on 2 March 2011 that features the English and Arabic versions of Charlie’s poem right, translated into Arabic by Palestinian poet Ghazi Hussein.

See the English and Arabic versions of the poem.

Tom Dalzell from The Red Ensemble instigated this project. Check out the event page to find out more and see some things from Ghazi, Tom and The Red Ensemble.