Tannery Hoose Windae #6: Thornhill Moos

Tannery Hoose Windae #6: Thornhill Moos! Check out this brilliant cover on the the latest issue of Thornhill Views, renamed for the occasion. The children in the local Primary School have been celebrating the return to full-time education with a host of creative activities, including these superb heelan kye.

The Tannery Hoose Windae #5 featured lilies, with all their resonance for new life and hope. Thornhill Moos has cheered us all up no end too!

Thornhill Views current issue.

Here’s what the editorial team for Thornhill Views says about this issue

For one issue and one issue only, Thornhill Views becomes “Thornhill Moos”! In this issue …
  • Thornhill Futures Questionnaire – early results in
  • The challenges and joys of travelling to and from Thornhill without a car
  • North Common ditches – digging deep
  • Well done Neil – How you can contribute to the Beatson’s cancer charity

…. plus all the usual features

Why not follow this link to read the whole issue: https://drive.google.com/…/1sFGQMKC0Nlz4Ht0F1Fu…/view…

One of the most sought-after Scottish experiences that Visit Scotland knows visitors can’t seem to get enough of is meeting Scotland’s hairy and loveable Highland cows. Or as we Scots call them, Heelan Coos or Heelan Kye.

Iconic, cute and extremely photogenic, these hardy, docile animals are to be found right across Scotland, including the islands. Depending on where in Scotland you’re visiting, Vist Scotland has put together some top picks in a country-wide guide for getting up close to them.

Starting from the north and working south, then the islands, and finishing with fun-filled agricultural shows… Check the Visit Scotland website for more information about heelan kye to cheer you up.