Tannery Hoose Windae

Tannery Hoose Windae

The Tannery Hoose Windae came from an idea of Joan Gracie’s when we were passing the old Tannery Hoose in late 2020: “That needs something beautiful in it.”

The idea wormed away at me until I started putting things in the windae and sharing the images. A COVID-19 lockdown project, I suppose.

The Tannery Hoose is a derelict building, designated as ‘at risk’ by Historic Environment Scotland – what better place for an ephemeral community art project! Places like this old building always look a bit unloved, but it’s an important place in Thornhill’s history. The village had two tanneries at one point, as well as thriving weaving industry, so this kind of heritage is important. The Tannery Hoose sits on the site of JCC, Agricultural Machinery and Plant. So it’s a place that people are still being employed in Thornhill.

I’d love to see other folks from Thornhill and visitors to the village take part in the project. It’s easy – just use your imagination and get involved. Let’s see what we can do together over the next few months to make an unfavoured corner of our village shine.

Here’s how it works: 
  • put something in the Tannery Hoose Windae
  • take a photo
  • send it to charlie@charliegracie.scot or use Facebook Messenger or use WhatsApp (07846 296832) – make sure to add a comment – it can be anything you want to say, but keep it short please
  • leave the Windae free for the next person

Send me your photograph of what you’ve put in the Tannery Hoose Windae. I’ll post them on this site and we can share them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Anything goes, but please keep it respectful.