Poem of the month December 2013: a nod to New Men

The Da
Dinner was cooked by my (fair) hand
then dishes, cutlery, pots, other various bits’n’bobs, left
youthfully expressed as
‘if you end up leaving them, we’ll do them when we get back.”
Almost gratefully
my hands are immersed in suds
cook, washer-upper, New Man
the father of daughters, unleashed


To Live With What You Are

For any writer, the search for an agent is a hard one. I have recently started and have three rejections to my name to date. I feel confident that the novel To Live With What You Are will fire an agent’s imagination. Till then, I am in good company with the best of novelists facing a similar journey.

So, a positive message taken in the rejection message from Rogers, Coleridge & White of  London whose submissions team described the novel thus: “To Live With What You Are is intriguing and original”. Let’s hope the next time it is original, intriguing and spot on for us.

More to follow, folks